Top Definition
cock sucking flub penis, Annoying fucker mother shit face, Dick loving ass fucker,
Crecilian fucking sucks Phroak's little winger wanger
by Cambysis August 16, 2003
Fucking shemale who fucks guys in the anus constantly and sucks asshole at being uber; a penis; a fucking shit; a big fucking noob.
Crecilian tried to attack the green con Dark Defiant Warrior.
by Cambysis August 21, 2003
Common word for the big brown worm that comes out of your anus; a butthole suprise; an anus treasure; a fucking piece of shit ; a brown bottom pie; a brown butt chunk.
Camybsis shat a huge Crecilian today, it stunk like her PvP skills!
by Cambysis August 19, 2003
One who really sucks; a gay asshole mother fucker who's main job is to suck ass at everything; a bitch fuck
Crecilian tried to kill the Aduentus Shadowknight,Cambysis, but died. Better luck next time cock sucker.
by Camybsis August 19, 2003

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