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3 definitions by Cambysis

cock sucking flub penis, Annoying fucker mother shit face, Dick loving ass fucker,
Crecilian fucking sucks Phroak's little winger wanger
by Cambysis August 16, 2003
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Fucking shemale who fucks guys in the anus constantly and sucks asshole at being uber; a penis; a fucking shit; a big fucking noob.
Crecilian tried to attack the green con Dark Defiant Warrior.
by Cambysis August 21, 2003
4 0
Common word for the big brown worm that comes out of your anus; a butthole suprise; an anus treasure; a fucking piece of shit ; a brown bottom pie; a brown butt chunk.
Camybsis shat a huge Crecilian today, it stunk like her PvP skills!
by Cambysis August 19, 2003
4 0