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Pronunciation: krê'cher ùv thê nīt Function: Noun
1: Plural form of Creature of the Night which is a Colloquium to cover any single entity of a large collection of real, unreal, and supernatural animals and things that are nocturnal in their behavior. Also includes "things that go bump in the night" The thing in the Closet or under the Bed".
This is by no means a complete list and isn't meant to be, but will give you the general idea:, all the various Undead that are believed to exist or have existed (you know, like Vampires, Zombies, Mummy's, Golem's-like Frankenstein's monster, etc…), Many forms of Low life humans, including Sluts, brawlers, cutpurses, thugs, bouncers, doormen, Whore's, Streetwalkers, Pimps, Prostitutes and Bad Musicians (and even a few good ones).
by lord X-treme November 20, 2006
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