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A fold in a flexible material such as paper, clothing, or skin, which most often leaves, on one side a depression, and on the other a protrusion. These are essential to the making of paper airplanes.
I put a MAD crease in that paper plane FOO!
by Jacob Bocem Kent October 06, 2007
17 24
Used in the UK as a slang word for funny, its unsure where the word started being used in this way but its one piece of slang that has swept its way across and is now used by most people in GB its due to the fact that something makes you laugh so much that your leaning over and cause your sides to "crease" tho its now used very over-commonly.
School Teacher: Billy get out the class, dont do that EVER again

Class: HaHa xD What a crease Billy..
by BongTokes4U November 18, 2008
201 79
part of the womans body where you will find a crease (the vagina)
swanton: Hey boys, yall get any crease tonight?
boys:uh. yeah dad...?
by sniwed June 17, 2007
201 84
in the shower with your best friend but having you normal bra over you sports bra, also eating a a pan of cake with a spoon and also listing to lady gaga now that is what we call crease
like malik huping the floor you would call that crease
by annnnn_chelsea June 17, 2013
12 5
vb. To strongly alienate, annoy, or otherwise irritate.
Havin' your boys ask you to do shit they've gotta do, but are too damn lazy to not do so, just fucking creases me.

Tim: Hey bro, did you phone up James for the flex tomorrow?
Alex: I've tried, but the man hangs up every damn time! He's fucking creasin' me.

Ron Paul haters crease me.
by lilvillin18 January 22, 2012
14 9
N. To create a impact and influence a direction or outcome.

V. creased, creas·ing, creas·es
"Wow! You made a creased my decision, thank God!"

"You creased my way of thinking"
by Thesmartone February 18, 2012
4 3
New York's hottest club. Club promoter, Tranny Oakley, has gone all out. Inside is just everything: lights, psychos, ferbies, screaming babies in Mozart wigs, sunburnt drifters with soap-scum beards..
I went clubbing at Crease with Stefon last night. It was insane.
by newyorkpartygoer13 May 23, 2011
13 13
Crease n. Something that belongs to someone, generally a teenage male. A derivative of the crease which forms from sitting on the couch too much. The crease is always claimed by the same person, unless it becomes owned by someone else.
For use in the man-cave-
Austin: "Dude, get out of my crease!"
Griffin: "Dude, I got here first!"
Austin: "Didn't you here me? I said that's my CREASE."
Griffin: "Oh totally sorry man, won't happen again, I'll sit on the floor."

For use in life-
Griffin: "Bro, I kind of want that girl."
Austin: "Dude, that's my crease!"
Griffin: "Oh sorry man I didn't know you were tappin' that."

Griffin: "Dude, can I eat that?"
Austin: "Nah dude, that's my crease."
Griffin: "Damn, she was fine..."
by griffinyanny February 19, 2011
10 15