A perfectly acceptable adjective to use when you find something is pretty freakin' excellent. It means that the creamy goodness of this current situation, is undeniable awesome.
Nick-"Mike, excellent goal today dude man"
Mike-"YEAH, you saw that? That shit was CREAM FILLED."

Jerk 1-"Dude, you ok? You're like choking down that freakin doughnut."
Jerk 2-(mouth full) "I know, this thing is cream filled....litterally."
by Wiltshire September 21, 2007
Top Definition
While a women preforms a deep throat, you jizz, making sure you empty out.
Mary almost gagged when I cream filled her last night.
by ExpertEntrepreneur August 03, 2011
when your pussy has obtained the maximum amount of semen it can hold inside of it.
mandys pussy is very creamfilled.
by buttyyyyy December 30, 2011
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