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While a women preforms a deep throat, you jizz, making sure you empty out.
Mary almost gagged when I cream filled her last night.
by ExpertEntrepreneur August 03, 2011
20 7
when your pussy has obtained the maximum amount of semen it can hold inside of it.
mandys pussy is very creamfilled.
by buttyyyyy December 30, 2011
3 1
A perfectly acceptable adjective to use when you find something is pretty freakin' excellent. It means that the creamy goodness of this current situation, is undeniable awesome.
Nick-"Mike, excellent goal today dude man"
Mike-"YEAH, you saw that? That shit was CREAM FILLED."

Jerk 1-"Dude, you ok? You're like choking down that freakin doughnut."
Jerk 2-(mouth full) "I know, this thing is cream filled....litterally."
by Wiltshire September 21, 2007
3 13