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Living in a state of insanity
or being around the crazy/insane of the universe
My mom is the friggin mayor of crazytown.
by allierules October 09, 2005
A derogatory term for someone who is insane or acting strangely. Often used in reference to girlfriends and/or homeless people.
David: Man, your girlfriend is fucking crazytown!
Aman: Sssshhhh...I think I hear her outside the window.
by sillypuppyman November 09, 2009
Extreme crazyness or strangeness.
Freddy vs. Jason was one crazytown movie!
by SolarSim January 25, 2006
An adjective used to describe something strange or weird, very similar in use to the adjective "crazy". May also be used as an exclamation of shock or surprise.
"Yo, this tee is crazy town!"

"£5 a pint? No way Dude, that's crazy town!"
by Ianiscrazytown April 09, 2008
A point in which you wake up still drunk or extremely hung over from gratuitous binge drinking. You feel so drained that you have no personality, facial expressions, or any sort of emotions at all. You basically feel like dying.
Example One: "Holy shit dude look at dimer, he looks like hell."

”Yea man we all blcled out last night he's just stuck in crazy. town for the day"

Example Two: Welcome to crazy town!

Population: $€}»\÷¤

Elevation: «¤±^%
by Illin Willin January 29, 2011
A. a town that always has crazy things happening in it; B. a town that is cool; C. a town with crazy people in it; D. something you might say if you dont want to give out the real place where you live.
A. I live in Crazy Town
B. Go to crazy town you whore!
C. "Where do you live" "Crazy Town"
by Whitmister September 25, 2007
Prince Albert Saskatchewan, Canada
I just left Crazy Town
by Bill June 07, 2005

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