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An alcoholic drink consisting of at least 1 shot of every hard liquor mixed with lemon juice.
*The drink is served with a chaser of lemon juice.
*The drink is intended to be slammed, rather then sipped
The boys each slammed a Crazy Eddie before heading out for the night.
by boarderjunkie April 27, 2006
7 3
A consumer electronics store chain originally located in the NYC/Tri-state area. Crazy Eddie was best known to sell electronics, appliances, home entertainment, records, tapes, etc. all at the guaranteed lowest sale prices.
Crazy Eddie, his prices are IN-SAAAAAANE!
by commercialman December 10, 2006
4 2
originally an electronics store in New York, this term is now used to define anything especially insane
"She thought she could fly, crazy eddie!"
by broraper March 31, 2009
2 1