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(n): One who exhibits uncharacteristically unusual and generally erratic behavior in the presence of others, and (most likely) when alone.
Synonyms: Tom Cruise, Scientologist, Howard Dean
Antonyms: Mother Teresa, Angela Lansbury
Johnny: "Did you see Tom Cruise on Oprah?"
Frankie: "Yeah...he's a flippin' CRAZO!"
by Stephanie/Bridget October 24, 2006
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Adj. Pronounced as "Craze-ose"

1. Anything that can be considered beyond crazy, whacko or insane.

Note: Crazos should be used only in the most sincerest of moments, as it is such a powerful word. Inappropriate use of the word may cause even the best of friends to direct scornful looks and comments towards the one who improperly used the sacred adjective that is "crazos."
Will: "Man, I got so blacked out last night."

Steph: "Why'd you get so wastos?"

Will: "I was beyond wastos, dude. It was crazos."
by intoxified August 12, 2008
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An odd moment when somethings goes strangely.
A Crazy wacko person
That one time when I got all angry and threw my shoe out my car window and hit that guy in the head was Crazo.

Did you see that Crazo jogging in the middle of the Highway?
by Borrisrishaw May 04, 2008
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slang for the word crazy. alludes to the term dunzo popularized by the cast of Laguna Beach, the real OC.
that party last night was totaly crazo.
by the_other_emily May 30, 2005
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