May 21, 2011
Bob: Did you hear? That Camping guy said the world's going to end on May 21, 2011!
Joe: Naw man, thats just the crapture that he's spouting.
by 4th315t May 22, 2011
Top Definition
The event in which all the toilets of a building are flushed simultaneously, thereby resulting in a mass exodus of waste from the aforementioned building. The waste is then said to descend to the bowels of the sewer system. Similar to rapture for poop.
After 21 May 2011 we decided to go to the apartment and settle for a crapture instead of the rapture.
by nme007 May 21, 2011
An event that seemingly marks the end of times that occurs during an extreme act of defecation.
If Harold Camping could only see what I'm doing to this toilet, he'd think the Crapture is upon us.
by TurnipSoup_Parker May 25, 2011
Bowel movement of apocalyptic proportions.
Was just one the can, the crapture was upon me.
by Dragen May 23, 2011
Clothes designed by a wanna-be. i.e, Lil' Kim, Tina Knowles, Nelly. sounds like - Couture
"She must have bought that crapture outfit down at the Crenshaw Swap Meet?"
by JeffreyAllen February 02, 2006

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