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Pertaining to things or events that are for adults only.
"Back-up, me and Tony's on-again, off-again relationship is grown folk business."
by JeffreyAllen February 01, 2006
A tragic tranny. When a tranny has done it all wrong.
"Hey gurl, oh my god, did you see that trannedy walk through the door. It looks like my little brother hit the MAC counter and cache."
by JeffreyAllen February 02, 2006
Clothes designed by a wanna-be. i.e, Lil' Kim, Tina Knowles, Nelly. sounds like - Couture
"She must have bought that crapture outfit down at the Crenshaw Swap Meet?"
by JeffreyAllen February 02, 2006
Thick-ass legs. Usually stuffed into too tight of clothes.
"Too much KFC has made her Beyonce-thighed?"
by JeffreyAllen February 02, 2006
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