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n. crap remnants letf in the bowl and under seat after a spray shit.v. lose stool
n. the gas station toilet was cover in crapnel!v.those fish tacos gave crapnel alnight!
by da beez September 09, 2006
The particles that fly from ones ass during a particularly hard fart.
"I went to let one go and got an underwear full of hot crapnel."
by Fenris Skoll February 26, 2009
The explosive discharge of small, sharp plastic toys that occurs at children's parties and holiday events.

Derives from shrapnel + cheap plasti-krap, a description which encompasses both the sharp, weapon-like properties of the toys and their uselessness, and thus propensity to scatter on the floor of children's rooms where they cut parents' bare/stocking feet.
Watch out for crapnel; there were goody bags at the party.


Wendy's foot required three stitches when some Halloween crapnel rolled into her open-toed Keens.
by SamsaRant November 05, 2010
Little bits of shit.
Steve was holding it in for so long it came out as crapnel.

Aww nasty man, he crapnelled all over his pants!
by ezra jordan March 04, 2008
The aromatic molecules that travel outward from the locus of a crap blast inflicting harm on all within the olfactory kill zone.
No sooner did I hear the blast in the next stall when I was hit by crapnel. I haven't been able to smell anything for a couple days now.
by Swollenzots May 17, 2010
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