The use of fast food napkins in lou of shittin' paper. See also Mountain Money.
Hey Jerry grab some crapkins from Carl's Jr before we head up camping.
by SacnutsShane January 25, 2009
Top Definition
A low quality napkins commonly found in fast food and low end restaurants
1: Dude these ribs are bomb
2: I know Ive gone through like ten crapkins already
by ninjadinosaur October 24, 2008
1. More commonly known as toilet paper, but can also be used to describe napkins used to wipe really nasty junk off of your hands. It's also more fun to say than napkin. (try it)

2. It can also be used to describe babies... Kin, like the German "chen" is often used to indicate someone or something that is small (or in an endearing mannner), so a little crap is a crapkin. (mostly because babies poop way more than you'd expect) Their diapers can also be called crapkins.
Boy- "Dad, we need some more crapkins!"

(ex. 2)
Random mom- "Dangit John, the last thing we need is another crapkin running around here!"

(3)Diaper-changing person- "Eew, little Buddy, you go through crapkins like there's no tomorrow!"
by Hans le Noir February 04, 2006
Those dispensed napkins you use to take a crap in public restrooms.
"I had to hover over the toilet; they were all out of crapkins."
by September 22, 2003
A napkin that you put crap in, thus the name crap-kin.
Kid 1: Uhg this food is nasty!

Kid 2: Quick spit it into your crapkin!
by outofmyvulcanmind123 February 05, 2010

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