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Crapigators are mythical giant mutated alligators who were once baby alligators that some idiot flushed down the toilet long, long ago. Now the mythical Crapigator inhabits city sewer systems all across America. In Florida, they really do have Crapigators. Florida Crapigators not only live the sewers but also inhabit drainage ditches, storm water canals AND your back yard. Florida Crapigators favorite snack foods are fresh Chihuahua and toddlers.
Headline from The Weekly World News: "Giant Crapigators invade a Florida preschool school, eat 12 babies and mate with teachers!!!"

Headline from The Weekly World News the following week: “Mutant Human/Crapigator hybrid babies born in Miami!!”
by Londa Zack May 16, 2007
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