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Pronounced: kraa-pah

A crapa can be defined as a tacky girl or woman between ages of 16 to approx. 65.
In ancient times the word crapa would refer to a mountain goat. Nowadays it is used to depict a lady with a lack of class and terrible style.
Crapa must haves : a Michael kors purse, ugg boots, a mackage jacket, ombré hair, leggings, shellac nails, a fake tan, etc.
Should you possess three or more items in the above list, you are a crapa.
"OMG Jess, look at that crapa she's all over my boyfriend! Ima go pull that bitches ombré extensions out!!!"
"Guys did you see that crapa at the bar with the leopard mini dress?"
"Damn it, I used too much tanning lotion when I went to bronzage and now I look like a massive crapa!"
by Mountain goat September 03, 2013
Tapas that tastes like shit.
lee: "hows the tapas toby?"

toby: "fuck this aint tapas u dick...crapas more like"

lee: "unlucky..."
by blotuk June 28, 2011

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