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A book one brings while in a bathroom defecating or urinating.
Setting:(Harry Potter convention)
Jk rowling: -and now the book is out. Any questions?

Man#1: How much will the book be when it's out?

Jk rowling: About 30 U.S dollars give or take.

Man#2: Can i see that book for a second?

Jk rowling: whah...what?

Man#2: yeah i'll be back in like-

Jk rowling: Um i don't think so-

Man#2: I've been sitting here for over an hour and a half, listening to you ramble and I NEED TO TAKE A SHIT!... I may be in the bathroom for a while i NEED a crapbook! DO you get me?

Jk rowling:(with look of horror) That's..that..that's disgusting!

Man#2: YOU KNOW WHATS DISGUSTING? THAT YOU WROTE A BOOK THAT"S WHOLE METAPHOR IS CHILD RAPE! Now my bowels are about to make this room into a Gas chamber Gimme the fucking book!
by Santosuknow October 26, 2010
Any Apple MacBook that features Intel GMA Graphics (1st gen -> 4th Gen).
Haha your MacBook has Intel GMA... you got a CrapBook.
by kibmcz May 24, 2009
The crap that bad working moms attempt to throw together to make their kids feel less neglected after they see hand-stitched memory books put together by their friends' bored and sexually repressed moms.
"Sweetie, mama's too busy to have documented every single day of your life in a scrapbook bound by the fibers of my placenta... but I DID make you a crapbook that includes your birth weight and time (give or take a few ounces and hours) and your fortune cookie results from last night's takeout!"
by jennifever March 02, 2014
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