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A very mythical sea monster that is unknown to most of society. More powerful then the Lochness and more far reaching then Bigfoot, Crackus-Murr (also known as Cragusmir or in old english as "en Cragus de Murren") is a dark being from another world that takes many forms of fear. He lurks in every pond, lake, stream, and ocean through an interconnected highway of underground tunnels and patrols his bodies of water with his amazing power and grace. There have been no sightings but his presence have been felt through many sounds, movements, and abnormal energies felt all over the world. Some say to look in his eyes means instant death ... or others say a boquet of flowers instantly appears on your head as you slowly start to grow in height. Experts have said that he originated from a pond somewhere in the vicinity of Prosperity, Pennsylvania.
Last night we were skinny dipping and I SWEAR i felt Crackus-Murr's presence in the water... it was life changing.
by jtixxlefrom the rizzle April 12, 2011
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