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A non-white female who loves white boys.
That Chinese girl is totally cracker lover;she only dates white guys.
by UD12345 August 31, 2004
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Mary Elizabeth Collins.
hata': damn, yo, dat mary iz a such a crackalova
me: true dat, but she ma numba wun ho
by Doctah Drey April 06, 2005
a sellout who embraceses cracker culture
fuck crackerlovers
by Fuck U September 27, 2003
A sellout who deserves to be beaten half to death and who embarasses everyone of her/his race because he/she fell in love with a nazi pig.
Latin guy1: Is that bitch really with that mother fucker.

Latin guy2: Yeah man, she's cracker lover.
by Sallas July 10, 2008

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