one who has sex with dumbass white boy and don't remember afterword
Nick is such a cracker-jacker
-I hate his dumbass self!
by Nickhater January 17, 2005
Top Definition
A black gay man that either is only attracted to or only hits on white guys
Friend: Hey, you think that guy is cute?
Black guy: No, I'm only into white guys
Friend: You're such a Cracker Jacker
by CGOLDS15 July 25, 2010
Nick name for a person who has just finished smoking massive amounts of marijuana and is therefore extremely high. Person normally hallucinates, laughs uncontrollably and/or has no idea what is going on
Look man, its cracker jacker. That must have been good chronic yo.
by Cracker Jacker January 06, 2006

1. A person who steals the toy or surprise from a box of crackerjacks, cereal or happy meal without the intention of eating anything.

2. A retarded criminal who, in an attempt to rob someone, threatens bodily harm with a saltine cracker.
"That crackerjacker got me for my decoder ring and I'll bet he touched every Fruit Loop in the box with his grubby, dirty, little fingers."
by billebllunt May 14, 2014
A person who is not caucasian tries to act like one.
Dude, that Kavyn is such a crackerjacker.
by SirKittyLitter May 17, 2009
awesome the best
wow crackerjacker is awesome.
by the illusionist September 23, 2003
A white man that chronically masturbates
Armand: hey tommy did hear about trenner?
Tommy: no, what happened?
Armand: he's a cracker jacker XD!
by afilthyrwner September 02, 2009
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