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A McDonalds-esk food joint but is located in the ghetto and is populated by crack addicts, this has caused the food joint to serve crack instead of food.
Welcome to Crackdonalds what the fuck do you want?

Theme Song - Crackdonalds! We love to see you smile! Unless your teeth be fucked up then you better keep your mouth shut!
by crack, donalds, ghetto, food, January 17, 2010
Another name for McDonalds because it's so addicting. Has something to do with the grease they cook with.
Lets got to Crackdonald's and get 3 double crackburgers and 2 McCrackins. Shit, they on the morning menu. damn. Well I'll take 4 McGriddles with extra cracksauce. Gracias
by Cousinfresh May 25, 2006
meaning Mcdonalds and its some times addictive nature.
man im hungry lets go get some CrackDonalds.
by Shade the Raven January 29, 2009
McDonald's (restaurant). See crack, McDonald's.
I'm too tired to cook; I'll just get some fries and a Big Crack from Crackdonald's.
by LudwigVan November 11, 2003
People who are addicted to McDonalds food usually kids, teenagers, fat fucks and stupidiots who change there last name to something stupid.
After the big game Chad Ochocinco be jonesing for some CrackDonald's.
by Magic Mocha September 17, 2010