A nickname for any device in RIM (Research In Motion)'s BlackBerry lineup. It comes as a result of the BlackBerry devices' push e-mail capability, sometimes resulting in users constantly checking and sending short emails, forming an apparent addiction to the use of their device.
"Are you going to the movie tonight?"





"Oh, sorry. I was using my CrackBerry."
by macfanboy November 07, 2009
this is the term given to ones blackberry when they become addicted to it and use it excessively
Nathans been using that damn crackberry way too much
by tJortE February 10, 2011
Name referring to a BlackBerry, the phone that lost his popularity since the introduction of the iPhone. As many users find the iPhone way more convenient and durable, the shitty BlackBerry was referred to as crackberry.
F*ck, my Blackberry is not working anymore
"I know, those bloody Crackberrys! We should switch to another phone"

Hey, why is nobody using PINmessaging anymore?
"Why are you still using your old fashioned crackberry?"
by DutchGuy November 25, 2013
A name for a Blackberry device, when an owner becomes far too dependant on it, as if they were addicted to it like it was a drug.
Matt: What kind of phone do you have?

Chris: Blackberry.

Matt: Me too. I love it it's so conveniant.

Chris: I know. I can't live without it. I'd die without my Crackberry.
by B3player89 December 16, 2008
Someone addicted to their blackberry mobile phone.
"Put it down. Your such a crackberry!"
by Aretha. March 16, 2009
A person that is addicted to checkingand/or sending messages on their Blackberry or some other similar device.
Every time I see that damn crackberry, she's messing with her phone.
by Frenchie619 December 12, 2006
(adj.) pertaining to an individual who would utilize their blackberry at the level of addiction, or someone you know totally would if they actually had a blackberry. commonly someone involved in finance, business, or being a tool.
"how was your date last night?"
"oh my god, he was like totally crackberry"
by tesst November 18, 2007

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