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A sound from a pimp slap. Watch the Doggy Fizzle Televizzle where Snoop D-O-double Gizzle is Cap'n Pimp. He back hands them and it says "Crackalack", just like in the old Batman & Robin show.
"Crackalack" you just smacked some biatch in the face
by MankShady June 21, 2003
used to confirm or agree with someone, can also be used as an interjection.

loosely translated and adopted from (a derogatory racial term) "Cracker" and "like"

derived from Snoop Dogg's "what's crack-a-lackin?"
person a: We are heading to the mall.
person b: Cracka-lack!


person a: Do you want to hit up some fast food?
person b: Cracka-lack.


person a: Damn that chick is hot..
person b: Cracka-lack!
by Inferno1 December 20, 2006
It is the lack of effect, from some type of drug(s) that your friends are doing, on you.
I swallowed a pound of these mushrooms, but I still feel crackalack!
by tompraisan May 16, 2008
crystal or crank smoker who is easily amused by mainly anything and everything & spends most of their time finding more ridiculous & interesting things to do.
he was being a crack-a-lack yesterday while on the computer making up definitions for urban dictionary
by Del September 23, 2004
1. It is the lack of effect from any illicit drug that your friends got high on, but have no effect what so ever on you. Even if you done a huge quantity of it.

2. To swallowed a fake pills that was sold as real drug.
1. I swallowed a pound of your mushrooms, but I still feel crackalack.

2. Them mitsus were crackalack!
by Yellowmellow May 16, 2008
1. the act of spewing liberal propaganda. 2. A cracker performing a leisurely activity.
1. "Look at that college drop-out just crackalacking along about Irag and oil and the System." 2. "That cracker is just crackalacking down the street like he owns the place."
by ninjastu April 07, 2004
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