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To be the most unattractive person in the world. A raunchy little girl. A bum.
Someone who is not cute and who hates on others. Leader of the "thots". Someone you might want to stay FARRRRR away from!
"Who is this? Do you know her? She's rude, ugly and she keeps lurking on my Instagram!"

"Omg, girl! That's a Morgan ass bitch!"
by YellowMeLLow November 14, 2014
1. It is the lack of effect from any illicit drug that your friends got high on, but have no effect what so ever on you. Even if you done a huge quantity of it.

2. To swallowed a fake pills that was sold as real drug.
1. I swallowed a pound of your mushrooms, but I still feel crackalack.

2. Them mitsus were crackalack!
by Yellowmellow May 16, 2008

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