Top Definition
1. To open a new bottle of an alcoholic beverage.

2. Serious hip hop song by Eminem, Dr. Dre and 50 Cent from Em's Relapse album.
1. Yo Jimmy its Friday, crack a bottle cuz.

2. So crack a bottle, let your body waddle.
Don't act like a snobby model.
You just hit the lotto.
by JimmyLimerick May 29, 2009
to take another drink (usually refering to an alcoholic beverage)
"go on tom crack a bottle"
"if you not gonna have that beer i'll crack a bottle"
"Jim it's your birthday you've gotta crack a bottle with us"
by doicarenot321 January 21, 2009
A song by the artist Eminem.
Dude "Crack A Bottle" is Eminem's best song yet.
by MicahNara May 03, 2009
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