Ugly girl that you'd rather chew your arm off then risk waking up.
When I woke up I was still drunk and I was lying naked with a real coyote.
by Baron Von Shagwell March 24, 2003
People who roam around the cafeteria harassing people for their food because they don't know how to use a fucking lunch line, most of them are just attention whores. Similar to the animal of the same name.
Kaleb: "dude, let's eat outside, the cafeteria is starting to crowd up with coyotes."
by Knorthman September 14, 2011
A female who dates men three or more years younger than themselves
Paula Abdul totally went coyote for Brad Beckerman
by eastoner August 11, 2012
A person who is of mixed Latino and non-Latino (often caucasian) heritage.
She had a Latin booty and bright green Irish eyes. Man that coyote chick was hot.
by CoyoteGrrl September 01, 2006
Older man picking up on younger ladies, the opposite of what a cougar would be.
Look at Coyote Carl, she is probably 21.
by Lean-Say October 09, 2009
coyote male verison of a cougar. Older man that preys on younger women.
Coyotes prey on younger women at bars.
by MACNESS September 13, 2008
A scavenger. Staying up late and living off instinct. An animal/being that creates a wild atmosphere. A boy who makes your heart race. A boy that can make you do things you never thought you would. A boy who brings out the animal instincts in you.
That damn Coyote drives me crazy. <3
by Tangerine Coyote<3 July 10, 2008
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