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Call Off Your Old Tired Ethics (C.O.Y.O.T.E.), a sex workers' rights organization. Originated in San Francisco in the 1970's. Has led the fight to decriminalize prostitution around the world. Chapters still exits across the U.S.
C.O.Y.O.T.E. supports the rights of people to engage in prostitution without being arrested or stigmatized.
by Lacey Sloan September 13, 2007
"singing dog" This wolf like canine occupies most of North America, they have become a problum in urban areas due to thier feeding habits.
The coyotes call can be heard over the hill, bring in the cat so they dont get it.
by J August 31, 2003
A female who dates men three or more years younger than themselves
Paula Abdul totally went coyote for Brad Beckerman
by eastoner August 11, 2012
Older man picking up on younger ladies, the opposite of what a cougar would be.
Look at Coyote Carl, she is probably 21.
by Lean-Say October 09, 2009
Long Beach, CA slang term for testicles.
That dude just got kicked square in the coyotes.
by Dickdickgoose July 23, 2009
coyote male verison of a cougar. Older man that preys on younger women.
Coyotes prey on younger women at bars.
by MACNESS September 13, 2008
A Wolf Thing. A Scavenger.
Eats anything from live prey to corpses.

Likely to eat someones face off if the person called off the search and left the someone to die in a ditch.

by blancerina August 29, 2009