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Misspelling of "atheist"
It's spelled "atheist", duh
by Coyote February 16, 2004
A slippie is a girl (or guy) who loves to rub there pussie or ass up and down a cock until they plung it in deep and continue to go up and down on at a steady speed.
Sallie is a slippie and it felt good on my cock.
by Coyote March 07, 2005
Large Desert Dog who, on a fatefull day, DID catch the Roadrunner thanks in no small part to bitchen billet parts from ACME Hotrods.

A strong advocate for "NO MORE TANK TRIM" in the VTX community.
Beep Beep your ass!!
by Coyote July 16, 2003
When coyote owns bijan and its like ript
coyote headshots bijan
Coyote: RIPT #R
by coyote February 28, 2005
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