Long Beach, CA slang term for testicles.
That dude just got kicked square in the coyotes.
by Dickdickgoose July 23, 2009
A scavenger. Staying up late and living off instinct. An animal/being that creates a wild atmosphere. A boy who makes your heart race. A boy that can make you do things you never thought you would. A boy who brings out the animal instincts in you.
That damn Coyote drives me crazy. <3
by Tangerine Coyote<3 July 10, 2008
a person who smuggles illegal immigrants across the U.S.- Mexico border(from a type of wild canid sometimes associated with the southwest and Mexico)
That damn Coyote just won't give in.
by The Return of Light Joker November 15, 2007
white trash or ghetto people who are unwelcome additions to a public place, much like seeing coyotes invade your backyard
Dude, there are too many coyotes in this place, we gotta bounce.
by T Dizzle Tha 2nd December 25, 2009
bad gringos drive big SUV cost mucho paso bring hombre's to UR country..
Yo coyotes run desert at nite, find free food in Las Vegas. Swim snake river.
Muy bueno America has Trees,Food,Water,fish,Jobs,free medical,free money,free Tecate, and The Mujeres
by itichie_nocanpo July 01, 2006
Large Desert Dog who, on a fatefull day, DID catch the Roadrunner thanks in no small part to bitchen billet parts from ACME Hotrods.

A strong advocate for "NO MORE TANK TRIM" in the VTX community.
Beep Beep your ass!!
by Coyote July 16, 2003
a redneck name for their son...and think just cuz they spell it Kyoti its ok..hell naw
hey Kyoti (Coyote) did u shuck dat there corn over yonder..
by 5LN1R May 12, 2009

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