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an individual who quits mid match in call of duty modern warfare 2 due to a poor performance.
Dude where did Chris go, I don't see him online anymore?

He must have Coy'd, he was 3 and 17.
by Chaunce51 February 05, 2010
61 106
A modest indevidual who is shy, and flirts quietly and without ostentaciousness.
She's delightfuly coy, unlike that loud skank at the bar.
by NemoStar April 01, 2006
601 178
Abbreviation used by Tottenham Hotspur supporters for "Come On You Spurs"
Spurs actually won the other day! COYS!
by Mealingz March 27, 2008
582 171
A man of character and good intentions. Handsome and strong, Coy is always kind, caring, and sweet. Coy possesses the power to destroy men, yet wouldn't hurt a fly. Witty and charming, he'll hold you in his arms all night long if you but ask. He will tell jokes to make you wet yourself as you walk the streets, hand in hand.
Nah, they're overrated. Get a Coy.
by lower toothpick November 07, 2010
201 119
old gaelic name, originated from the gaelic warrior who was never defeated in battle. known for his leadership and courage. he was also well known for being very muscular and have a very large sexual organ.
bofore civilization coy controlled the north
by irish pub ny November 06, 2010
108 76
like peng but northern
Jerry - "who's that girl over there salsa'ing out of her mind"

Northern lad - "dunno, but she is coy no doubt"

Jerry - "yeah mad hyped"
by karefour December 10, 2009
101 86
A boy that is shy to do or say something.
Christina Aguilera's Can't Hold Us Down says, "But you're just a little boy
Think you're so cute, so coy"
by Denise October 24, 2004
90 140