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Secretly a liberal-loving, tree-huggin hippy.
"Oi! Cowen! Go kill yourself."
by Guess Again March 19, 2005
A tall and handsome young man who you can't help but fall in love with. He has the brains of a rocket scientist and is always willing to share his wisdom. He has a beautiful face and uses his cockiness to charm all the ladies; it may seem like his heart is made of stone but inside he has more love for one girl than anyone could ever need.
'Oh look at him, Rach! He's such a Cowen!'

'Mm mm, give me a piece of that Cowen!'
by Daydreamerrr January 11, 2012
Complete whore, a totally arrogant prick who should be taken out and shot and then beaten
"Oi cowen, die horrfically"
by thomas cowen January 31, 2005