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its a weird anime from japan that has flaws but is still recognized as one the greatest animes of all time next to cowboy bebop plus
the ending is so ambigous it defines the term WTF?
Cowboy Bebop
by wolf david February 28, 2010
6 23
(N.)1. an adult Anime from 1998, that can presently be seen on either DVD or Cartoon Network's "Adult Swim" if you get really high one night and stay up long enough to catch it.
2. see "Master Shake's" definition.
3. Country Music
Cowboy, Cowboy Bebop. I heard it really rocks. There's Spike, and Jet, and Faye, and Ed, and Ein, who licks his crotch. The End.
by G-Union May 16, 2003
19 52
A pretty good anime series that was mutilated by Cartoon Network, even though they were nice enough to not cut out the blood, gore, death scenes, dead prople, and most of the profanity. Unfortunately for those of us who want something new, Cartoon Stagnate even makes sure we never miss a single episode of Bebop by repeating it over and over and OVER AND OVER AND FUCKING OVER AGAIN!!! AAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!
Soon I will have my cable company permanently block Cartoon Network from my TV listing thanks to repeats of Bebop and other poorly-translated, censored anime shows.
by AYB May 17, 2003
22 62