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A miniature robotic vessel that enters through the anus>
pronounce Ass-Droid
That asteroid was very uncomfortable in an interesting way.
by Super Ditsydus July 03, 2010
Any vehicle, especially on the Interstate, driving ten or more miles an hour under the speed limit. See also asteroid field.
All these asteroids puttering down the road are killing me.
by Whitebred April 03, 2004
A male takes a shit. As males are wont to do, he stands up and looks down upon the mighty work his anus has wrought. After the proper time has passed and propriety has been suitably satisfied, the male may then aim his piss to break the shit clumps into progressively smaller turds*, evocative of the classic Atari arcade game Asteroids. This effect is especially poignant if the feces are of the "Floater" variety.

*It is said that the man who manages this feat most perfectly will subsequently gain entrance to the Outer Ring of the Seventh Circle of Hell. He may then, if he were so inclined, feed his frothy shit smoothie directly to Hitler, who resides therein.
Lucifer 4:19 : Verily, passageway shalt be granted to the mortal who, with his properly directed discharge, doth break up his droppings sufficiently so that none greater than might clog a small thimble remain. Yea, this deed shalt hereto forthwith be referred to as "Achieving an Asteroids".
by viewlesspath June 13, 2013
an itching or painful mass of dilated veins in swollen anal tissue
"do you have asteroids"
"no but my dad does, they're so bad he cant sitdown somedays"
by mista ska March 25, 2003
Any rock floating about in outer space. There is a whole bunch of suck rocks floating about in outer space between the earth and mars, and this is known as the asteroid belt. When a stray asteroid gets heavily influenced by a planet's gravitation field, when it strays to close to the said planet, and eventually ends up crashing into that planet, the asteroid becomes a meteorite. If it does not end up crashing in, but grazes the atmosphere, or burns up in the aire itself, it is known as a meteor.
One of the largest asteroids is named after the gaulish God of the sky, Tautatis.
by Gunkglumb May 23, 2005
The fattest thing at a party. You wouldn't fuck her, but you'd let her suck your dick.
Were there any girls at that party?" "Yeah, but there was an asteroid, too." "Oh. Gross. Did you fuck her?" "No, but I let her suck my dick.
by JustUsGuys October 03, 2010
When your cumshot destroys your surroundings
Hey man i just shot some asteroids at my red bull can and knocked it over.
by flavourman April 04, 2009
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