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A cow slut is a slutty cow, it's normally a cow who tends to wear a skirt so short it looks like a belt. She sleeps with everyman she knows, even her Dad ~(The Bull)~
Just Kidding, a Cow Slut is an amazing persooon who everyone wants to be friends with?? Nah, most people are cow sluts. I know I am and I'm sure as heck you are too! Nomnomnom-with-a-bit-of-omnommonnomom-on-the-side <3 Anyone who knows a cow slut is an 'effing leg-end <3 The end
Girl One: "You're not a cow, so I can't call you a cow"
Girl Two: "Ahem"
Girl One: "I think slut suits you better"
Girl Two: "AHEM!!! I prefer cow :-|"
Girl One: "Okkay...Cow slut"

Neither way, girl Two could win


Guy one- "Woahhh she's fit."
Guy two- "No way dude, she looks like a fucking cow"
Guy one- "More like a slut"
Guy one and two- "Oh-My-Fucking-Allah (See OMFA OMFA ) It's a cow slut!!! <3
by LegallyInLove December 21, 2010
A slut who likes to boink cowboys.
SEE: Katy
by miss cleo January 05, 2004