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The act of consuming excess amounts of alcohol to the point one requires hospitalisation.

Derived from the folklore of an infamous Australian girl.
'tonight is going to get messy'
'yeah, tonight we get Courtneyed'
by Stormy Puppy January 31, 2010
Hessle slang for a person who has drunk way to much alcohol and is in urgent need of patty, chips and peas. The only known cure is to stay in ones room, turn off all the lights, shut the blinds/curtains and sleep for up to 2 days.
"mate i woke up with such a hangover this morning"
"no shit pal, you were courtneyed"
by HessleLad April 26, 2012
The act of sleeping with a football team, most of your family members and is jealous of latinas with big booties.

Derived from the house of Thomson from the land of serpents in the Middle East.

Can be used as a verb, noun, or adjective.
-Bro did you hear about that one girl that Courtneyed John and Tony?
-Nah bro I heard about that one girl and a football team
-It's the same girl brooooo!!!
by Therealboywonder September 24, 2016
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