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A popular and funny person who grabs attention by craking a joke or lightly teasing others. Often has a dry sense of humor (says something funny with a straight face as though it were not funny) and usually uses sarcasm. Nickname for one might be "CJ."

Literally, the entertainer of the King.
Jimmy: "I don't understand this book!"

Tommy: "Maybe you should read it..."

Jimmy: "Thanks, court jester."
by CourtJester09 June 14, 2007
a silly sex act:

1. a man tells a women he's about to ejaculate but henceforth urinates in her vaginal cavity
2. repeat step one in rectum.
3. repeat step one in oral cavity.

4. finally, proclaim to said female

phill: "how was last night?"
wes: "awesome man, I court jestered that bitch!"
phill: "sick dude."
by Dr. J Weinberg September 05, 2009
The simultaneous fisting of a females vaginal and rectal cavity.

Also can be described as 5 in the pink and 5 in the stink
I just gave my old lady the court jester and now she's walking like she shit out a watermelon
by keepfrosty October 10, 2009
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