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2 definitions by CourtJester09

A popular and funny person who grabs attention by craking a joke or lightly teasing others. Often has a dry sense of humor (says something funny with a straight face as though it were not funny) and usually uses sarcasm. Nickname for one might be "CJ."

Literally, the entertainer of the King.
Jimmy: "I don't understand this book!"

Tommy: "Maybe you should read it..."

Jimmy: "Thanks, court jester."
by CourtJester09 June 14, 2007
A hybrid composed of a pun and a joke. Usually very corny and very cliche.
Joe: "Hey, Luke! Check out my new guitar pic!"

Luke: "Why you gotta be so PICKY, Joe??? HAHAHAHA"

Joe: "...Nice poke, Luke."
by CourtJester09 June 14, 2007