Top Definition
Pronounced (cor'siv'ley)

A combination of "of course" and "obviously". To emphasis the obviousness of it... and emphasis how dumb the question or consideration is.......
Girl 1: I am going to marry Prince Harry soon and be the next princess.

Girl 2: Coursively you can't, you're not as "common" as Kate Middleton.


Blonde 1: Does bacon come from pigs?
Bloke 2: Coursively it does!!!!


Child 1: "Can pigs really fly?!"

Parent: Coursively NOT, it's just what people say to show that something is very unlikely to happen.

Bloke 1: I'm gonna go and pull that hot girl over there...

Bloke 2: Coursively that is not going to happen coz you look like a total dog!

by Fizzabella May 15, 2011
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