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When a thread on a forum or site suddenly disappears and is taken over by another thread of larger size. This happens frequently when there is breaking news and news sites like reddit have to decide which thread is going to be the main discussion point.
Person 1:Hey dude, what happened to that one thread you posted after the egyptian army removed Morsi from power? I cant find it anywhere!
Person 2: A coup de thread took place, I was first but the other one took off and has all the comments now
Person 1: Dang dude, all that sweet karma you could have earned.
by Martialis1 July 04, 2013
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When one thread becomes popular, but is overtaken by another thread and the original thread is subsequently forgotten.
- Hey Josh, have you found the thread about Rihanna yet?

- No, but I found another one that's beecome more popular.

- OMG it's been coup de threaded!
by gummz00 July 03, 2013
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