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When the ex snaps at me over some bullshit without stopping to think how much I could potentially hurt or help them in the future.
I can't believe that dumbitch would try me like that! How counterproductive is THAT?
by don't you wish you did know September 07, 2011
65 9
Something that is ment to aid, yet only makes things more difficult
Westwood Highschool's internet blocks are counterproductive
by AdhesiveMonkeys September 19, 2008
25 8
Being successful in reducing the number of friends on a social platform such as facebook by causing those who shouldn't be there to begin with to defriend you.
Sunny's excessive use of the words "Cock" & "Penis" caused her friend count to decrease by 10 yesterday - therefore; she was "Counter Productive"
by Silly Sunny June 25, 2013
4 1
1)When you are doing something productive or being productive near a counter or a counter-like surface.

Objects can also be counter productive, as in shelves or knife-holders.

2)When you are productive near something that has counting abilities or data-collecting abilities.

Contrary to popular belief, this does not have a negative connotation.
That organizer Ned bought from the store was very counter-productive!

Mary, you are so counter-productive in the kitchen with your excellent cooking!

The scientists are very counter-productive with that machine that records data by counting each trial!
by BearsHugMe June 15, 2011
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