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Noun: An attractive male who bears the hallmarks of being dragged up on a sink estate. These traits include, though are not exclusive to: knock-off Addidas jogging bottoms; no top (in summer); a hoodie (in winter); a baseball cap (no matter what the season); a toned physique; an overabundance of natural pheromones; a distinctive walk in which he tries to communicate that he is 'proper hard" and "well fit".

Often, a decent bit of council trouser will stroll around town aimlessly, bearing his tattoos and showing off his gym-toned body to passing chavettes, who, like him, have a great deal of time on their hands between collecting their dole and queueing for cheap cider at Aldi.

Trouser, in this context, is a synecdoche used as a male equivalent of the pejorative"skirt", used chiefly in Britain to describe any attractive young female.

Council trouser spotting is a fun office-based game, in which colleagues gaze out the window on a sunny day and rate the passing state-subsidised man-talent as it parades its prone body down the street.
"Look at that bit of council trouser over there. I'd defo bang him!"

"I'm going out tonight and plan to bed myself a nice bit of council trouser."
by Greifbar2000 June 04, 2013
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