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The greatest golf course in the world. Its a deity that needs to be treated with respect.

Other names include: Coulee golf bowl, TPC Coulee, The old course at Coulee, Royal St. Coulee, The Golf club at Coulee.
Joe misses a 3 foot putt

Joe: God damnit Coulee!!!!!!!

Next hole

Joe : Coulee gave me a triple bogey.
by Yamanashi Godzilla August 10, 2011
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A dry canyon eroded by Pleistocene floods that cut into the lava beds of the Columbia Plateau in the western United States, the walls of which may resemble the Mesas common to the U.S. desert southwest. Grand Coulee Dam, in Eastern Washington, once the largest dam in the world, is named after the "Grand Coulee" which stands nearby.
If you ever visit Grand Coulee Dam, stay overnight in Electric City and be sure to catch the colored lightshow on the spillways after dark.
by Rod Brock March 09, 2007
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'grand coulee' discovered by the Polish in 1790, which of course, in Polish, means a whale's vagina. Ok, it wasn’t really discovered by Poland, but I had to come up with something.

There I was, snorting some coke off a hooker's asscrack when I noticed her coulee smiling back.
Damn, it’s hotter than a fat coulee up in here.
by Jay West August 30, 2006
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Adjective that should not be used as a noun. Means extremely cool. A new version of sweet.
Mae: Sally, "what are you doing for your birthday?"
Sally: "I'm gonna have a party at the beach."
Mae: "Coulee!"
by Coulee June 28, 2005
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