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The heart fluttering sensation experienced by women of a certain age upon seeing a man of much younger years, usually sporting six-pack abs, boyish innocence, and a clear willingness to learn. Side effects include: unclean thoughts, raised hemlines, and a deep desire to take on the role of tutor.
When Madge showed up at the gym in a new track suit sporting the word "juicy" across her derriere and offering the new young thing behind the counter two white frosted cupcakes, the cougar crush was obvious.
by Honor Student by Accident October 15, 2009
A crush an older woman has for a younger man.
"Ooh, look at this picture of Robert Pattinson! I know he's like 15 years younger than me, but I think I have a little cougar crush on him."
by MsHellion October 15, 2009
when an older woman develops feelings for a younger man, usually an actor, even though she knows its not going to happen.
'I just watched 17 Again and I have a mad cougar crush on Zac Efron!'
by AthenaPearl February 23, 2010
When an older woman has a crush on a much younger man.
"I've seen Twilight so many times, I think I've developed a Cougar Crush on Robert Pattinson even thought I'm old enough to be his grandmother."

"You're preaching to the Twi-Hard choir."
by chieromancer July 15, 2010
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