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When an older woman has a crush on a much younger man.
"I've seen Twilight so many times, I think I've developed a Cougar Crush on Robert Pattinson even thought I'm old enough to be his grandmother."

"You're preaching to the Twi-Hard choir."
by chieromancer July 15, 2010
The hunched over, slouched position one takes while texting on an iPhone, Blackberry, Smartphone or PDA device.
"I was driving by the high school and saw, like, ten kids doing The Smartphone Slouch at the bus stop."
by chieromancer April 26, 2011
The mishigas Paypal makes you go through when you change bank accounts.
Buyer: "Sorry it took so long to pay you. I changed banks and had to do 'The Paypal Polka.'"

Seller: "No worries. Been there, done that, sent the picture postcard. Thank you for your purchase."
by chieromancer April 26, 2011
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