British/Canadian term for going to the cottage, chalet or camp located in a rural or semi-rural area.
We're going cottaging for the long weekend.
by Michel Dumontier August 07, 2007
To patronise Chicken Cottage, a UK fast food chain specialising in competitively priced fried chicken products.
Zaf really wanted to go cottaging, he needed the fried goodness of chicken cottage after that sweaty workout!
by the toilet punisher November 12, 2007
the act of cumming in a girls vagina and continuing the pumping action. This churns the cum into a cottage cheese like substance.
Tasmin was really horny the other night so her boyfriend decided a cottaging was in order.
by Hammiolo October 12, 2008
the act of casual sex with someone in the public bogs usually poofs cottage
fucking hell man wooow do you know what the fuck i was thinking about
cottaging have you went bastard cottaging before
no but i was cottaging to find a fucking cottage
your a dickhead
by Jackroll March 31, 2006

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