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A homosexual man who uses public toilets as a venue for the clandestine act of wanking or sucking off another homsexual man.

Note- homesexual acts are not wrong, or should not be seen as wrong. Just that, in the eyes of the law, exposing yourself in that manner in public is seen as criminal.
"Charlie Poole is such a cottager"

"I know, he's at it all the time in the public toilets round at Peppercorn car park". I see him waiting for blokes on the bench outside, the creep".
by ............. January 01, 2005
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A player for Fulham Football Club. Named after the stadium in which they play, Craven Cottage. In turn called Craven Cottage becuase there is a cottage in the corner used as offices and dressing rooms. Nothing to do with the activities in the public toilets in Bishops Park
This is a must win game for the cottagers if they are to stave off relegation.
by WaterBoy June 19, 2006
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A person involved in cottaging

A male who engages in the act of homosexual relations in a public place with passerbys and sometimes a complete stranger. Often a public toilet or simular places
Jeff is a first time cottager and wants to one day suck of a complete stranger in a public toilet
by Ólafur Pétur Ágútsson August 15, 2005
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a gay man who waits outside of a public restroom to wait for another gay man to come out and crack his ass
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