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Esteemed engine tuner based in Northampton, UK.

Previously confused as part of Ford Racing and Ford SVT because of their excellent rally successes with the Sierra Cosworth and it's derivatives including the RS200, whose insanely high performance meant most examples were written off and directly resulting in rally cars of its type being removed from the sport.

There are several "Cosworths" out there, including Mercedes and Vauxhall. Although because of the misconception these are Fords they never badge the cars as Cosworth; only Ford did this.

Audi are the current owners of Cosworth and their skill was involed in the Audi TT.

Yes. The Escort Cosworth was really a special short wheelbase Sierra with an Escort looking shell. Real Escorts have subtely different measurments.
The RS500 was called as such because of the 500 units that had to be sold to pass homologation, it's just coincidence that you can easily tune them to 500Bhp.

Cossies, whilst not as advanced as EVO sevens and the like, have far more style and personality.
by dj_monged August 14, 2004
2.0 16V, Turbocharged BEAST of a car, highly tuneable, not for the faint hearted!! comes in 3dr sierra(2wd), 4door sapphire(2/4wd), and 3dr Escort(4wd). also known as "cossie"
Fook mee that was a "cossie" OR We've just been blown into the weeds by a "Cossie"
Not only do Ford's have Cosworths, as it is it's own company, Mercedes-Benz have had a Cosworth edition of one of their popular saloons, although the Cosworths are more than usually mistaken for a Ford Motorsport Company, although this is wrong.
Sierra RS Cosworth
Sapphire Cosworth
Escort Cosworth
The future model of the Focus is going to have a Cosworth edition made of it.
by John Payne (Car Expert) January 19, 2004
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