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The intoxicated pronunciation of dubstep music producer, Caspa. This term was founded by a sweaty group of friends, in the cold rain, after a Rusko concert in Nashville, TN. While waiting for a cab, and in anticipation of Caspa's upcoming show, the group of friends formed the term, Cosco, in a failed attempt to express their excitement to see London's dubstep producer in live action. Cosco later grew to become the name of the rave goers' club/facebook group. The term is viewed by some as the foundation of what could eventually become something much greater..."A SOCIAL NETWORK FOR ELITE RAVERS".
"Ya'll going to that Cosco concert next weekend?!"
"Hey girl, did you see that sick Bonnaroo lineup I posted in Cosco yesterday?!"
"What do you mean you can't find Dayglow tickets? I posted the link for them in Cosco like 2 weeks ago!"
by joemybro February 10, 2012