Top Definition
To rape someone
I Cosby'd the fuck out of Mellisa last night.
by Rudy Huxtable December 17, 2014
The act of putting a date rape drug into some ones Jello shot.
"Never take drinks from strangers, or else you may get Cosby'd.
by Crambo11 January 17, 2015
Verb: When anyone turns their face abruptly towards yours with a goofy facial expression much like the ending of the Cosby show intro. Remains the same whether intentional or accidental.
He didn't know I was behind him, and when he turned around he Cosby'd me.

I Cosby'd the fuck out of Mellisa last night.
by Dr_Tesseract February 28, 2010
To have sex with an unconscious person either by intentionally drugging or through mere opportunity
I met this girl at a bar yada yada yada, I straight bill Cosby'd that bitch
by gator777 September 12, 2015

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