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A total hot mamma badass. She is loyal to her friends and family, but always ready to get down if someone pisses her off. Her out look on life is "Ill figure it out when I feel like it" and she can be a little messy. But she is super fashion forward and has bold eclectic taste, watch out for this girl.
Me: "Did you see that bitch just cut me off?"
Corrinne: "Hell yea I did, let go fuck her up"
by accidentallycool May 28, 2011

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A glittery unicorn that exudes rainbows and happiness.

She's 10 times better than any "Corinne"s" or "Corrine's."

Also unicorns are real.
Corrinne is such an amazing unicorn.
by sparkleUNICORNsparkle May 21, 2012