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Someone who is basic and isn't original. They copy and steal someone else's words, jokes etc,
because they can't come up with their own, so most of the time they copy others and make it like it looks like they own it.
You most likely will notice when someone is stealing your jokes/words when you've used it first, and another person use it after you pretending like they said it first like a hundred times.
Person 1: GFYS, I'm so done with u.
Person 2: *Few minutes later* GFYS.
Person 1: Wow you never used that word before, this is not the first time you copy someone. You're such a corpy.
by nutelladorito March 15, 2014
"corporate types". people who have no respect for anything but the bottom line. pronounced like "core peas".
Developer: "Here's the rough version of the software, sir - everything's functional. 2 more weeks for polish then we're done!"

Corpie: "Great job, looks like it works! Get this packaged for release today."

Developer (mumbles): "fuckin' corpies..."
by corpiehater October 27, 2010

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