A Jewish Morning Radio Talk Host
I can't eat ham...I'm a corolla
by Webster Dict April 08, 2006
Measurement: The number hair per square inch on a human body.

Inspired by Adam Corrolla, the beloved co-host of the radio show Loveline.
Gawd, that guy's ass is 100 corolla! Wiping must be like getting peanutbutter out of a shag carpet
by Kono January 23, 2004
Motor vehicle developed by Toyota Motor Corporation generally driven by Asians.
"Check out that Corolla, must be an Asian driver."
by Code7 January 06, 2006
a shitty little sedan made by Toyota. Possibly the reason for the decline of education in the United States and illegal immigration. Also known to give teenager boys hallucinations that they have a large penis and that the car is "awesome". They tend to jump off curbs and tear up tires. Lastly known to cause the Holocaust and genocide in Darfur.

I rather shove a cactus covered with AIDS up my glorious ass than drive a corolla
by Mr. Twinkles August 05, 2007

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